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Hovership MHQ


 Product Description

The Hovership MHQ is designed for portable FPV flying and capturing video with smaller cameras like a Mobius or GoPro. The frame is an H-Quadcopter layout with foldable arms and a vibration isolated layer for the flight controller and camera. The 3D printed parts are created from high quality ABS plastic that is not brittle like PLA. This makes the frame very durable and resiliant to rough landings and crashes.

Most parts come in black, select your color choice for arms and flight control deck.

UPDATE: All frames purchased after June 11, 2014 have been revised with motor mounting hole patterns rotated 45 degrees. This allows motors with M3 screws to run the wires straight down the arm instead of off to the side. The landing gear has also been strengthened to withstand rough landings.

Assembly Instructions:

Available Online at: www.hovership.com/guides


  • Weight: 133g including motor screws
  • Wheelbase: 270mm (diagnolly, motor to motor)
  • Flight controller: the included spacers are for controllers with right angle header pins. It is also recommended to use a smaller (lighter) controller with a footprint of ~35mm. The flight control deck can accomodate boards with a max hole spacing of 45x45mm. Recommended flight controllers with a small footprint and right angle pins:
  • Max Prop: 5"
  • Recommended battery: 3s 1300-1500mAh
  • ESCs: 12a
  • Motors: Sunnysky X2204s, RCX/XMR 1804, Lumenier FX2206-13, T-Motor MN-1806

Kit Includes:

  • 1 set of printed parts
  • 4x M3 20mm screws
  • 4x M3 18mm screws
  • 4x M3 12mm screws
  • 12x M3 5mm screws
  • 4x M3 5mm nylon screws
  • 6x 20mm black aluminum spacers
  • 4x 6mm M3 white nylon spacer
  • 4x M3 white nylon nuts
  • 12x M3 Locknuts
  • 8x M3 nylon washers
  • 8x M3 metal washers
  • 6x 7mm size vibration dampeners
  • 16x M2 or M3 screws for motors

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 Product Reviews

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  1. 3D Printed Foldable Awesomeness

    Posted by Greg on 9th Jun 2014

    The MHQ was my second build of a multi-rotor and my second purchase of a 3D printed frame. The quality of the 3D parts are great and with the included accessories it all comes together nicely and feels very sturdy. It has been a great flier for me since I built it a few weeks ago, I do however have two issues with it.

    The first is the legs that are included with the kit are not that strong unless you have perfect landings all the time. As another reviewer has noted they are a bit weak and broke for me on my second set of flights. Since then I have broken all the legs off with the middle section still screwed on. Also the antenna mounting plate broke as well so I just zip tie the antenna to the camera deck now.

    My second issue is the vibration dampeners while awesome and a great way to separate parts of the quad, where impossible for me to pull through the flight controller deck. It could be my 12amp T-motor ESC's are just to thick but I could not push them through. I could get one or two on the edges maybe but the rest where not going through. In the end I just zipped tied the two together with the dampeners in between to keep it all together and it flies well.

    After a few weeks of flying it has survived all the crashes I have put it through. The best thing for me so far has been the fordable arms. I have on many occasions clipped branches and fences and gone down only to find a dirty quad with an arm or two pushed in. They also make it handy for traveling. The only part that has seen any real damage is a small chip on the front arm plate from me going head first into a fence. (I was trying to pull up.)

    Overall I have to say I'm very happy with my quad so far, it's size and fold-ability has been a real plus for me. The guides help a new builder like me to put it together with no issues at all minus having to use some extra screw to mount the motors. I would recommend this frame for any one looking to get good durable frame at a reasonable price.

    My Build

    MHQ Frame
    12amp T-motor ESC's
    RCX 1804 Motors
    Acro naze 32
    JST to XT60 distribution cord
    micro spektrum compatible dsm2 receiver
    altitude rc transmitter
    5.8 GHz SpiroNET Omni Antenna

  2. MHQ Kit Thoughts

    Posted by Vantasstic on 22nd Apr 2014

    I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of my first 3-D printed quad. The fit and finish is very nice and the assembly is easy as pie. It does require use of a flight controller with right angle pin headers. For me that wasn't a problem soldering in my own headers. I really love how the arms fold in with no need to loosen/remove any screws...great design.

    For my build I used:
    4ea HK C20 2050kv motors
    4ea HobbyWing 10A ESCs
    Flip 1.5 MultiWii Flight Controller
    Gemfan 5x3 3-bladed props.
    I used these as I already had everything on hand so it made for an inexpensive build.

    Initial Flight Test:
    While the quad flew fine, yet still needs PID tuning, I was disappointed with my Mobius camera video...it had lots of shaking going on. This might be attributed to cheap motors (never checked them for balance) and/or the props. It may also be the isolators are not quite stiff enough when the FPV gear and flight battery are all mounted. More testing/experimenting will need to be done.

    I did manage to break one of the landing legs on my FPV maiden flight when I slide sideways into the grass and flipped the frame. The mishap also popped the clean section off the isolators, which was easily reinstalled.

    Overall I like the MHQ for price, looks, and function. I need to do some more tweaking and might add foam ear plugs in some of the isolators to stiffen them up a little. Better quality motors would be best to reduce vibrations...but everyone was out of the better, affordable, small motors at the time I got the frame...so used what I had. Now what would be cool is if you could specify full colors when ordering...green arms, Red dirty section, yellow clean section, or any other mixture. As is, I'm pleased with my little frame and can't wait to get it dialed in.

  3. Fantastic mini quad kit

    Posted by Pelted on 10th Apr 2014

    I've been flying this 3D printed mini quad for a couple of weeks now and it is a blast to fly. I've swapped out motors and control boards a couple of times, trying to get the right fit and flight characteristics I want and I've been really impressed by the flexibility of this design.

    Compared to the other popular mini quad frame kits out there right now you can't beat the price here. It just makes it a no brainer. But also realize there are some tradeoffs here. This is a 3D printed frame and holds up really well, but the more costly frame designs out there have features like integrated power distribution and orientation lighting that just can't be done here. The 3D printed solution here is new and exciting. Grab this kit and have a blast.

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